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Pick and Place

State-of-the-art technology that can track, pick and distribute/sort from a bin. It's able to find and pick parts of arbitrary shapes and sizes in a fraction of a second.

With higher robustness, speed and flexibility than existing methods (like bowl feeders), this is the ideal solution to bridge a gap in your pipeline where parts appears irregularly, unsorted or mixed together.

Demo at Hanover (2019)

Pick and Place 2D

A more lightweight version of our Pick and Place system, optimized for the distribution of parts laid out flat, allowing for even higher speed and accuracy.

Our patents

Innovation in our DNA: SECMA has four European patent applications to offer you unique solutions. Our Research & Development centre works in harmony with our perpetual drive for innovation.

  • Automated deplastering process
  • Packaging process for mini-packages of tiles
  • Universal tile edge
  • Casting table