Our Operations


Special machines

Creation of all manufacturing processes by our teams, development of product specifications at installation. Our know-how means we can offer you the best technical solution for your productivity needs.


SECMA designs, creates and installs automated systems

Automated lines

Integration of industrial robots in your processes

Industrial vision

Allows us to resolve production problems by equipping machines with cameras. We can significantly improve your performance and the quality of your products. Industrial vision is used across all industry sectors. Automated distribution of parts with the aid of a 3D vision process camera.


From designing to creating a personalised and made-to-measure testbed


Our teams have the answers to your technical problems

Press creation

Manufacturer of standard manual and pneumatic workbench presses according to your requirements.


Specialist in equipment, product development and tools for tile manufacturers.

Our operation sectors


Design, creation and commission of innovative, robust and reliable production lines to guarantee you optimum production costs.

Pharmaceuticals / Medical

Design, creation and commission of assembly equipment, in full compliance with the constraints of this sector (clean rooms).


Design, creation and commission of assembly equipment and manufacturing lines, in full compliance with the constraints of this specific sector.


Design, creation and commission of assembly equipment and precision testbeds.


Development or assistance in the development of new products, creation of new manufacturing tools, design and creation of innovative production equipment.

Heat engineering

Backed by our forty years of experience, we offer innovative equipment and production lines allowing for the assembly, control and packaging of high-technology products.